Eve Teasing Protestation

eve teasing

Our Society is suffering from many social evils at the moment. One of the worst evils is the Eve Teasing. Eve Teasing is a term which usually involves young men annoying or disquieting girls or women by making sexual innuendos against them in public or in work places. Eve teasing is a euphemism used in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan for public sexual harassment, street harassment or molestation of women by men.

Reasons behind Eve-teasing:

  1. Patriarchal Social System and Boys’ Mental Construction
  2. Conservative Family and Social Norms
  3. Illiteracy and Unemployment
  4. Influence of Cultural and Economic Globalization
  5. Social Education as Girl
  6. Weak Law and Enforcement:


Impacts of Eve-teasing on Adolescent Girls:

  1. The Feeling of Respondents after Being Reproached by the Family Members:
  2. Suicidal Tendency among the Victims:
  3. Restrictions Imposed upon the Victims after Being Teased:
  4. Eve-teasing Increase Drop-out and Early Marriage:


Steps to be undertaken by the School Authority to Prevent Eve-teasing:

School authority, especially teachers can play significant role in preventing eve teasing. Teachers’ positive attitude towards gender can set good example before the students, especially can inspire young boys to be more respectful towards girls and female in general. A study of Action Aid Bangladesh found this kind of behavior of teacher as positive in protesting eve-teasing. Respondent recommended that every educational institution launch a focal point where the victim could share her teasing experience immediately to get help from the school authority immediately after the incidence. Besides that, the respondents felt the importance of counseling role for reducing psychological stress of the victim and recommended that every institution should introduce counselor to enable the victims to share their problems. This counselor not only counsels the victim but also the perpetrator so that he never teases any girl again. Every institution should organize a triangulation system where students, teachers, and guardians openly discuss this problem and find out its remedy. The education institution must impose strict rules and regulations to avoid eve-teasing in the school compound. The school authority should prohibit the use of mobile phone of students in school compound. Topics emphasizing the evil effects of eve-teasing can be included in the text books of school.


What the Siddhirganj Youth Club will do in this regard:

Siddhirganj Youth Club is trying to build a better social environment. To achieve the organizational goal it is working against the eve teasing with some long term strategies. Siddhirganj Youth Club (SYC) will arrange events regarding the protestation of eve teasing. Most of these events will take place in the educational institutions. This events will develop the moral value among the students so that they will be our soldiers against this social mania. With the permission of Siddhirganj Police Station SYC will provide the instant complain system. Anyone will be able to complain instantly regarding an on-going eve teasing. The field members of SYC will take necessary actions rapidly and control the scene until the police arrives.


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